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Christmas 2013 at Bobby and Janet Clark's Country Log Home
(Bobby was taking the photo)
Left to right: Nancy Higgins Steele, Ron Steele, O. D. Powell, Nancy Powell, Milton Newton, Janet Swaim Clark, Molly Wrape Newton

Below: Same scene, but Ron took the photo and Bobby took his seat
(..."and something came over Janet...")

At a dinner last Fall (2013), the subject of the TSA (US Transportation Security Administration) came up. I don't know how a serious subject came up with this group, but it did. Bobby Clark had lost a cherished pocket knife to the TSA in an airport. Ron Steele mentioned he had lost his fingernail clippers to the TSA. Well, you can imagine what this group did with Ron's comment. This culminated in the following being presented to Ron Steele by Milton Newton at the next dinner event:

 "Dear Ron, we were all saddened to hear Bobby’s account of losing to the airport TSA agents, a knife given to him by a dear friend and which he had had for a very long time.

And then the raucous outburst of laughing upon hearing your account which was very similar in sadness to Bobby’s of losing to the heartless TSA agents your fingernail clipper made us realize that perhaps we were wrong in our prolonged, tears down the cheek, laughter.

We later realized that your sad description of the loss of your fingernail clipper, although not given to you by anyone in particular, still weighed heavily on your heart, although some in the group say it was like more on your billfold.

Anyhoo, with that in mind we all chipped in to provide you with what we affectionately call "Mr. Clippy", a replacement fingernail clipper that we hope you will keep out of airports. The other stipulation is that you never relate to others this sad tale unless you want to hear more raucous laughter.

Your Buds:

Milt N Molly

Bobby N Janet

Larry N Carole"


 P.S. Ron now uses Mr. Clippy weekly!! 






Ron Steele's 71st Birthday Party (Mar 20 2014)



Aaron and Beth Lockamy                                      Bobby and Janet Clark

David and Barbara Baulding                            Johnny and Kathy Holland

Larry and Carole Teague        Ron and Nancy Steele, Milton and Molly Newton

Joe Steele                                     O. D. and Nancy Powell

Ron and Nancy Steele (Nancy's a comedienne)

The Group                        Milton cooking for dessert for later at Ron's house

The Roast of Ron

Milton Reading the Roast .................. then promoting Ron to "The Colonel"

The Roast follows:

Mr. Newton has been nominated for the Pew-litzer prize by "The Colonel".
 The Colonel looks forward to the next Roast, and thanks to Mr. Newton and the GENERAL (Nancy Steele).

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