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Class of 1961
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Many of our classmates attended the St. John's United Church of Christ on S. Mebane St in Burlington. Sue Roberson Crabtree put together a small luncheon in Oct 2013, for some of the ladies who attended.

Front row from the left: Betty Roberson Hawkins, Sue Roberson Crabtree, Nancy Higgins Steele, Willard Ann Foster Plunkett

Back row from the left: Brenda King Graves, Carolyn Roberson Dodson


We'd like to Congratulate Margaret Simpson Stephens for being ranked #15 out of 3,391 Keller Williams agents in the month of September for all of North and South Carolina. This is an awesome accomplishment.


Dinner Monday (Sept 30, 2013): Nina Stanfield, Betty Cox, Diana Lassiter, Carol Talley, Jane Loy. Fun evening!


From Brenda King Graves:

Classmates..  I am Facebook friends with our classmates Penny Potts Godfrey and Donald Godfrey.    This is a series of photos that Don wants to share with classmates.  Don has had a very interesting life,  and those of you on FB should certainly Ďfriendí him to read more.  The captions below are Donís words.    Anyone wanting to connect with Don can email him drgood8@aol.com .  It is my understanding that he is on 2 donor lists at this time,  and Iím sure heíd love to hear from classmates and would welcome your thoughts and prayers.   Pennyís email address is revppg88@aol.com .    I look forward to reading more of their story on FB!     Brenda

This was during a one-month training period for Home Dialysis at the DaVita Center here. We do all our treatments at home. As you can see, I had some problems with the needles when we first started. My arm stays clear today.

Yes, it kind of hurts at first.  But after the ďstickĒ, youíre good to go.

Pennyís the worldís best nurse.   She carries a tremendous load and a heavy burden and she does it with a smile.

At home where I receive all my treatments.  This machine is an engineering marvel.   Iím amazed at how efficient it is and Iím thankful that God has given me additional time on this earth.   Sure itís a burden but Iím not an invalid.  Iím not limited in anything I want to do physical or dietary.

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