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Ladies Class of 1961 Bi-Monthly Luncheon held Tuesday Mar. 5, 2013

Back row: Betty Sue Mann Coble,  Nancy Grissom Bell, Brenda Melton Coggins, Nina Stanfield Hunt, Diana Lassiter Hanford, Peggy Carroll Moran, Judy Littlejohn Teague
Front Row: Pat Moylan Capozzi, Brenda King Graves, Lea Mitchell Blanton
Left before photo taken: JoAnne Goodson Haizlip, Martha Lipsky, and Sue Mitchell Petree

Coach Pete Janey
In Junior High School at Broad St, some guys from East Burlington were on
a baseball team and a football team. Our sponsors were Hood Sporting Goods, VFW, and (I think) The Elks Club.

Our coaches were Pete Janey (Head) and Frank Butler (Assistant). Pete worked for Western Electric and Frank worked for Melville Dairy. Both coaches were outstanding for us boys. They were nice, teaching us the best they knew how, and devoting countless hours of their personal time to us...sometimes not getting home until 9 PM. They were great mentors and kept us from getting into things we should not get into. Pete Janey eventually left Western Electric and became a Minister.

On March 1, 2013, Pete Janey turned 90 years old. Ron Steele recently discovered Larry Janey, Pete's son, here in Burlington, and they planned an addition to Pete's birthday party. Some of the members of the team that we contacted were Jimmy Shoaf, Buddy Baker, Earl Dunn, Joe Gentry, Tom Bare, Ronnie Stanley, Joe Guyer, Bill Cross, and more.

Larry Janey attended the early part of the 9th grade at WHS, and his family moved to Graham where Larry finished high school. Larry was not at WHS long enough to make the Annual photos.

It appeared that 100 people attended the party. Below are some photos taken at the party of some of the players who were able to attend.

Buddy Baker (1st base), Jimmy Shoaf (short stop), Howard Dunn (older brother of Earl Dunn), Earl Dunn (2nd base), Coach Janey (standing) 

Jerry Janey, Howard Dunn, Buddy Baker, Earl Dunn, unknowns at door

Larry Janey with camera (rightfield), now a Minister

Coach Pete Janey (center of photo) with one of his daughters

Jimmy Shoaf, Jerry Janey

From left: Dunn, Shoaf, lady, Pete Janey, Jerry Janey, Dunn

Howard Dunn, Jimmy Shoaf, Coach Janey, Buddy Baker, Earl Dunn.
Coach is holding a scrapbook sent to the party by Bill Cross. The scrapbook was kept by Bill Cross's Mother, of articles in the newspaper about our teams from the fifties. (Note: The date on the photo is incorrect.)

Pete Janey, Jimmy Shoaf, Ron Steele, Buddy Baker...
the photo in Ron Steele's left hand is of Tom Bare who could not make the trip from Marietta GA...Bare was a great pitcher and hitter.

Ron Steele (background - nice meeting room in Bethel Baptist Church in Graham NC - lots of people attended Pete's party)

This article is the "Then" and the above photos are the "Now'.

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