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From Ann Pennington Olson:
Brenda Graves received a CD in the mail from Ann Pennington Olson sharing her Reunion photos from Friday and Saturday Nights, Ladies Luncheon (Reunion Weekend) Ladies Luncheon (March '12) and a visit with John Black.
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Christmas 2011, Linda and Mike Parks took a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, where Paul Ellis makes his home. While there, Paul and his fiancé, Delfina, were very gracious hosts and guides. In this photo, Paul is showing Linda thru Mayan Ruins.

Paul Ellis, Linda Mackintosh Parks

In 2007 cruise to Grand Turk ... both couples on the same cruise.. Linda’s first cruise ... happened to see each other onboard and spent time together.. thought it was a good story of classmates being together.

Bill Coe, Gloria Oakley Coe, Linda Mackintosh Parks, Mike Parks

2nd Annual Super Bowl Party at the Steeles


Diana Lassiter Hanford, Carole Moore Teague, Nancy Higgins Steele


David Baulding, Barbara Pitts Baulding, Ron Steele, Milton Newton, Bobby Clark, Janet Swaim Clark


Milton Newton (Having too much fun!), Larry Teague


Milton Newton, Bobby Clark, Ron Steele, Molly Wrape Newton, Bobby Clark, Janet Swaim Clark


Nancy Higgins Steele, Barbara Pitts Baulding, Ron Steele

Previous commitments: Pat and Phoebe Norville Harman, Willard Ann Foster Plunkett, Janie Parker Pope,
Rachael manning McIntyre, Janie Sullivan Morton, Aaron and Beth Lockamy.

From the Burlington Times News: http://www.thetimesnews.com/articles/explore-52206-wake-follow.html


Locals follow Columbus' wake on sailboat adventure

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The crew that sailed Azure 2,800 miles from Lanzarote to St. Lucia, included from left to right, Dr. Harold Kernodle of Burlington, Dr. Don Mundy of Burlington, Kevin Gallagher, an attorney from Washington D.C. and Tony Wall, a professional licensed captain from Florida.
Photo submitted
The crew of Azure prepares to leave the Canary Islands to log another leg of a more than 14,000-mile voyage in the Atlantic.
February 03, 2012 5:48 PM

 Sailing across the Atlantic to explore new worlds wasn’t easy when Columbus did it in the late 1400s, and it’s still not, especially for those working full time.

But the lure of the sea and the challenge of being part of a small group of trans-Atlantic sailors was appealing to a group of Burlington doctors with a six-year plan and a desire to know firsthand some of what Columbus experienced.

Dr. Harold Kernodle, an orthopedic surgeon and licensed captain, and Dr. Gijs van Staveren, an anesthesiologist, purchased a 40-foot cutter rigged sailboat built for offshore passages in 2005 with a specific purpose in mind: The two physicians, along with Dr. Don Mundy, an anesthesiologist, planned to sail the entire Atlantic Circle in multiple jaunts over a six-year timeframe before returning the boat to Florida, where it will be sold.

“We were trying to recreate a little of what Columbus did,” Kernodle said.

Different people have joined the crew of “Azure” along the way, including Tony Wall, a professional licensed captain from Hollywood, Fla.; Alex Alexander, a Burlington dentist; van Staveren’s son, Justin, who lives in New York now but grew in Burlington; Kevin Gallagher, an attorney from Washington D.C.; and Wayne Arrison of Calgary, Canada. Others from North Carolina, including several family members, also have joined them from time to time, often in chartered boats that sailed alongside Azure.

There are two more legs of the journey left — tentatively scheduled for early and late spring — and their mission will be complete with more than 14,000 miles logged. In their most recent adventure, which started on Thanksgiving Day and ended just a few days before Christmas, Kernodle, Mundy, Gallagher and Wall traveled 2,800 miles from the Canary Islands to St. Lucia.

The 2,800 miles from Lanzarote and more than 2,600 from La Gomera, which is where Columbus left from on a similar voyage heading to Dominica just north of St. Lucia, meant 22 straight days at sea for the crew. It took them a day longer than Columbus.

“Our goal was 21 days, but he had a bigger boat with more sail area,” Kernodle said. “ … There were three days that we didn’t have a lot of wind.”

The crew does a lot of pre-voyage research in regard to weather and is careful to sail only when it isn’t hurricane season. The crew’s journeys are documented on the website www.ghazure.com. During the most recent leg, the crew made fairly regular blog posts while at sea on sailblogs.com, sharing their adventure with a slew of readers.

“We didn’t realize people would be so interested in this,” Kernodle said after seeing all the comments on the blog after he returned to shore.

CREW MEMBERS SHARED different details about what it’s like to see nothing but water, sky and the bounty nature has in store for 22 days straight.

On Dec. 2, Mundy wrote: “The last 48-hours have been amazing. The sea conditions have been stable as the crew gets their sea legs.” He noted that the crew faced challenges on Dec. 1 when the “Parasail halyard parted,” the sail fell into the sea and a line wrapped around the prop, but the problem was solved with teamwork.

“Today, dawned a beautiful day with plans for a more relaxed tempo,” Mundy continued. “But Captain Harold had different plans by deploying three fishing lines. … Within a short time we were filleting the three beautiful mahi-mahi. What fun, especially hearing Captain Harold hooting and hollering: ‘I’ve never caught a fish before (from the boat).’”

Catching fish, making repairs, getting weather reports, preparing meals and taking night-watch duty to ensure that the boat kept moving were all part of the crew’s daily routine.

“You’re doing something all the time,” Kernodle said.

But each day the crew hoped for at least one event that made the day a little different. Gallagher explained it in his Dec. 17 blog post: “Here on Azure we’ve determined that we like to have one event per day to keep things moving along.”

A visit from a dolphin pod, a caught fish, a flying fish landing on deck and boat sightings were among the events that broke up the monotony of each day. Sometimes a crew member created the event. On Dec. 17, Mundy baked two loaves of bread.

“From the smell of bread wafting through the cabin as it cooked to the taste as we wolfed it down with our spaghetti, the bread made for a great afternoon,” Gallagher wrote.

Kernodle, who has been sailing since 1976, was in all of the various crews that have sailed Azure from the Bahamas to Bermuda, Bermuda to Azores, Azores to Gibraltar and Gibraltar to the Canary Islands. The last 1,400 miles will be divided into two trips. St. Lucia to St. Thomas is scheduled for April, and St. Thomas to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. is planned for May.

“If we don’t do it now, we won’t have the opportunity later,” Kernodle said of the group’s decision to take on the adventure before retirement. “… It’s a challenge. I’m glad I’m doing it now, instead of when I retire because who knows when that will be. I think your health is better if you are on the water.”

Teague's 2nd Annual Christmas Leftovers Party, 12/27/2011 ... at the Teagues.
Left to right: Milton Newton, Molly Wrape Newton, Janet Swaim Clark, Bobby Clark, Carole Moore Teague, Larry Teague
The Steeles and Harmans were absent this year...Steeles in Atlanta with kids and grandkids.